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Cabane 7L*

Villa Medici, Rome, IT


In the 16th Century, on top of the colle Pinciano on the outskirts of ancient Rome, Ferdinando I de Medici transformed Cardinal Ricci's lands into a unique Renaissance villa notable for its characteristic quadrati gardens. Since then, generations of Romans have witnessed the evolution of this landscape and its distinctive pine silhouette, recognizable from anywhere in the city. Yet, in all these years, what have these pines observed? The Cabane 7L is a vertical infrastructure that mediates between the inner garden and the Roman skyline. Through a monumental-scale wooden armature holding a floating staircase, visitors are invited to ascend to the level of the canopies to experience a panoramic view never captured before. Constructed with bio-based, carbon-storing, and regenerative materials such as fir timber, the project serves as a temporary venue for residents, artists, and visitors to reactivate this historic garden through multiple events and performances.

* Under Construction

Manuel Bouzas

Structural Design:
Juan F. De la Torre

Festival des Cabanes
Villa Medici 

Librairie 7L