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Spanish Pavilion

18th Venice Biennale, IT


FOODSCAPES “By eating, we digest territories” explores the Spanish agro-architectural context to address global issues. It introduces visitors to an exploratory journey through the architectures that sustain us, from the small-scale domestic kitchens to the vast operational landscapes that nourish our cities. Bringing together more than two dozen architects, filmmakers, and researchers, the exhibition encompasses five short films, an archive in the form of a recipe book, and a public program. Our contribution, “Drinking Forests: A Metabolic Recipe of Wine,” examines the relationship between wine and forests and how the winemaking process generates a cultural and sensory journey linked to the regions where the wine is produced. Wine production entails a double structure: for each vineyard producing the main ingredient, there is a forest making its production possible. Every time we drink a glass of wine, we drink the landscape of the Rioja Alavesa, savor the Galician forests, or smell the cork oak groves of the Portuguese Alentejo. Thus, in the shadow of grapes, wood enables key transformation processes that result in wine. The project offers a trans-scalar journey upstream towards forests and landscapes where wine is born and where socio-ecological problems arise.

Urbanitree (Daniel Ibáñez, Vicente Guallart)
Manuel Bouzas

Eduardo Castillo-Vinuesa
Manuel Ocaña

Pedro Pegenaute
Mateo de Mayda

MITMA, AC/E, AECID, Arquia Foundation, TBA21, European Climate Foundation