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TAC! Festival

Valencia, ES


This project pays tribute to the Mediterranean climate by recognizing the role of blinds as an architectural element that historically enabled people to adapt to challenging weather conditions. Blinds have brought shade and character to countless streets across southern Europe. However, modern mechanical systems, driven by high energy consumption, have replaced them, posing environmental risks. Using regenerative, bio-based, and locally sourced materials, the project features long wooden blinds suspended from a catenary canopy suspended from two triangular wooden porticos that support 400 sqm of traditional blinds. The vibrant green shade produced by the blinds transforms the site into a lively public space for the local community. Additionally, a circular opening illuminates a small garden that regulates temperatures during late summer. Stones integrated into the design serve as both counterweights and furniture. Over the course of the festival,  community members are invited to explore and reactivate this space. The material palette echoes diverse landscapes located within 300 km from the site, such as the pine plantations of Soria, the blind factories of Sax (Alicante), and the stone quarries of Teruel. After dismantling, the materials were recirculated and donated, leaving a temporary footprint in the city.

Manuel Bouzas

Structural Design:
Juan F. De la Torre

Luis Diaz

TAC! Festival,

MITMA Spanish Government, Arquia Foundation, Valencia City Council, Las Naves