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More Than 100 Trees

Rouen (FR)


In Normandy, there was a vast forest containing thousands and thousands of beech trees. As autumn began, two of its leaves flew with the wind through the woods, eventually landing in the middle of a square in the center of a town. Initially surprised by their size, the inhabitants began to occupy them: one was a greenhouse, while the other was a table. Both pieces became part of their daily lives. Under the first leaf, they planted seeds, participated in workshops, and learned about gardening and ecology. On the second leaf, all the residents displayed shows, played games, and interacted with each other. One month later, the leaves disappeared at the beginning of winter, and the only trace they left behind was the multiple plants that the citizens took care of. Consequently, they decided to transplant those trees into the same forest to help them grow. They hoped that two more leaves would appear on the same square in the same town in the following autumn.

Competition Entry, Runner Up

Manuel Bouzas
Santiago del Águila
Clara Álvarez
Juan Álvarez-Vijande

La Fôret Monumentale
Concéntrico Festival