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Logroño, ES


This temporary installation entails the design of an information pavilion for the third edition of the Concéntrico Architecture Festival in 2017, located in Logroño, Spain. The underlying structural concept of this temporary installation is rooted in a simple yet powerful idea; a folded piece of paper. The project aimed to create an iconic structure, a city landmark that would capture citizens' curiosity and attention, especially in neglected spaces. Furthermore, it highlighted the inherent self-supporting properties of the wooden panels we were supplied with, rejecting any additional structural elements or foundations. With only 39 wooden panels, the triangular pieces were interconnected with hinges serving as joints, enabling them to be folded like origami. Once all the panels were linked together, gravity came into play, resulting in a striking spatial representation of the potential of simple materials transformed by design.

Manuel Bouzas, Manuel Bouzas C., Clara Alvarez

Josema Cutillas

Concéntrico 03 Architecture Festival

Garnica Plywood