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The Catenary & The Arc

Mallorca, ES


The Catenary & The Arc is an ephemeral installation in Palma de Mallorca that opened its doors to thousands of people during the first week of July 2019. Through a vibrant and lightweight intervention, the project aims to make the public aware of the heritage and tourist value of the ancient patios of the island. The project is located in Can Balaguer, a 14th-century aristocratic house readapted by the architects Flores & Prats and Duch-Pizà in 2014. The project attempts to create a dialogue between the geometry of the preexisting stone arches and their opposite geometry, the catenary. Through three large catenaries constructed from light steel mesh and reused red cups, a warm red light penetrates the patio, transforming the space and visitors' experience. In the installation, individual perceptions are merged with the collective public space, allowing citizens to rediscover hidden areas of the city while examining novel design fields. This practice ultimately intends to reactivate the cultural and social activity of abandoned public spaces in Palma de Mallorca from a creative and experimental perspective.

Manuel Bouzas
Santiago del Águila

Clara Alvarez
Alexander Zikanov

Antonio Bouzas

Insòlit Festival
Palma City Council