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The Portal

Madrid, ES


The Portal provides an opportunity to reflect on circular economy processes linked to plastic consumption and recycling by creating an ephemeral installation at the main entrance of Vallehermoso Market in Madrid. The Vallehermoso market is an extraordinary heritage building in the popular Chamberí neighborhood. It is well-known for its fresh and high-quality products, its small-scale businesses, which work with local resources, and the interpersonal relationships historically forged among neighbors. By reinterpreting one of the building's most recognizable elements, the portal, the project aims to raise awareness regarding the application of new production and consumption models in order to combat excessive waste generation in the future. The proposal calls for occupying the main market entry point by reusing 3,500 plastic bottles before the factory begins the recycling process. Therefore, no modifications were made to the bottles as they were threaded to the plywood to facilitate their installation and disassembly.

Manuel Bouzas
estudio DIIR

Collaborators: Auara, Progarca, Ctrl X, Doto, Vallehermoso Market

Josema Cutillas

Universidad Francisco Victoria