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Un Buen Suceso

Madrid, ES


In the depths of Madrid's El Pardo Forest lie a multitude of mysterious stone ruins waiting to be discovered. Among them, an array of architectural elements, including columns, capitals, bases, cornices, and friezes, silently reveal the remnants of the forgotten Buen Suceso church. Once standing proudly in the heart of the city, this temple was erected by Ortiz de Villajos in 1868. In 1975, the church was demolished and subsequently neglected. Intrigued by this discovery, I embarked on the ambitious endeavor of meticulously analyzing each fragment, considering variables such as dimensions and weight, with the ultimate goal of reimagining the lost temple. The project began by envisioning the 620 ornamental stone blocks, which weighed a cumulative 190 tons, as the foundation of a sacred space that defied the laws of gravity. An ethereal iridescent canopy rises from a robust and primitive concrete plinth, serving as a crypt. The weight of the canopy found equilibrium with the counterweight of the stone ruins, suspended from lightweight structures along the perimeter, defining the facade. Thus, the ornament is no longer a crime but an equilibrium.

Manuel Bouzas

Manuel Ocaña
Jose Mª Lapuerta

ETSAM (UPM), Master of Architecture, Thesis


60 pages, 42x30 cm